With the joint efforts of the law teaching staff of USCT and the great support from the Ministry of Education as well as our school, we has made a new breakthrough in the field of law teaching and research. The newly-established JM Educational Center will undertake the mission to recruit and train students for JM degree in 2009.

The history of law teaching and research dates from 1985 and the research department for law on science & technology established in 1988 is one of the earliest research institutions in this field. With a background of notable science education and research abilities, we have done fruitful teaching and research work in the cross field between law and science£¦technology, and taken the lead in law research of science£¦technology and intellectual property.
Adhering to the education motto of USTC "high quality, unique characteristic, moderate-scale and reasonable structure," the JM Education Center of USTC, while continuing the research in the two traditional fields, will explore newly-emerging field to form its advantage and make up the defects of traditional law education. In a word, we will carry forward fine traditions and keep innovating at the same time.
Welcome to study in the JM Educational Center of USTC and become an advanced talent in the law field.
The Opening of USTC Graduate Summer School on Theory and Practice in the Frontiers of IPR(2010-07-29)
USTC successfully held Anhui first International Seminar on Patent Cooperation Treaty(2010-07-13)
A Patent Engineer License Training Held in Anhui IP Center(2010-03-24)
Trademarks and Brands Public Training Held in USTC (2010-01-27)
The Projection of Hire Foreign Experts in Our School Obtained Approval (2010-01-20)
Doctor Tagore visited the JM Education Center(2009-10-05)
USTC and the People's Procuratorate of Caohu co-construct a practice base for JM postgraduates(2009-09-08)
A practice base of the JM Education Center was established in the People's Procuratorate of Lu'an(2009-09-03)
An Expert Group from State Intellectual Property Office Visited USTC(2009-08-22)
The Practice Base of JM Educational Center of USTC was Established in the People's Intermediate Court of Anqing(2009-08-13)
The Model Base for Copyright Education in Anhui was Established in USTC(2009-07-28)
USTC Attained Juris Master Degree Education Authorization (2009-06-28)
The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is under the jurisdiction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It is noted for its advanced science and high technology programs and well-tailored humanity disciplines with a science background like law and management.
The Educational Center for Juris Master (JM) is an institution of USTC devoted to JM teaching and management. Upholding the education motto of USTC -- "high quality, unique characteristic, moderate-scale and reasonable structure," the center gives priority to improving students' comprehensive quality and thus train advanced talents who have broad, interdisciplinary and international-oriented knowledge and are capable of law practical work and management.
The center confers the master's degree in civil laws and commercial laws and the doctor's degree in intellectual property management. It has a first-class teaching staff in civil laws, financial laws, security laws, tobacco monopoly laws, commercial laws, administrative laws, international commercial laws and social security laws, and made great academic achievements in these fields.
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