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USTC successfully held Anhui first International Seminar on Patent Cooperation Treaty
From July 8 to 9, co-sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization and the State Intellectual Property Office of P. R. China, the School of Public Affairs and Anhui Provincial Intellectual Property Office hosted a patent cooperation treaty (PCT) advanced seminar in Hefei city of Anhui Province.
Attending the seminar were Dr. Matthias Reischle, Deputy Director of the PCT Legal Division of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO); Mr. Yu Zhilong, the WIPO Legal Officer; Ms. Wang Xiaohui, Deputy director of the International Cooperation Division of the State Intellectual Property Office of the P. R. China; Mr. He Yuefeng, Deputy Director of the Examination Affairs Department of the State Intellectual Property Office of the P. R. China; Prof. Chen Xiaojian, Deputy President of University of Science and Technology of China; Mr. Cai Yihua, Vice President of the Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province; and Mr. Liu Dong, Vice Director of Anhui Provincial Intellectual Property Office. In addition officers from different city's Intellectual Property Office, representatives of enterprises and patent agency representatives attended the meeting.

The theme of the seminar was PCT and introduced PCT, PCT development in China, PCT legal framework and its recent changes, and PCT application strategy. This was the first advanced training in Anhui sponsored by the WIPO and organized by the School of Public Affairs of USTC. The School of Public Affairs of USTC is in charge of the organization, management, and coordination and communication of the training.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Reischle gave an opening address. He introduced the United Nations agency World Intellectual Property Organization's goals and duties, and emphasized the PCT's important meaning for China enterprises facing the world. The PCT system, he said, can help users obtain more worldwide benefits.

Prof. Chen also gave a greeting message. USTC, he said, is the only university participating in the National Program for Knowledge Innovation and is one of nine universities supported by national government (National 985 Program). It is of great significance for the government, enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes to build an international academic exchange and practical application platform and that USTC join WIPO and SIPO to develop high-level IP training.

The advanced training has promoted the PCT application in Anhui Province. It is also of great significance for the enterprises and research institutes to improve core competitiveness, help them to develop the overseas market, and build academic discipline in our school. While at Anhui, the WIPO and SIPO experts and the School of Public Affairs' teachers and students had extensive academic exchanges.

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