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Trademarks and Brands Public Training Held in USTC
On January 26, public training on the subject of trademarks and brands was held in our school in Anhui Province, the first large open public training activity. The public training was organized by the School of Public Affairs. Its aim was to implement the innovation-development strategy of USTC, enhance our university discipline superiority to actively provide services to regional economic and social development, and contribute our strength to Hefei city in its application to become a state-level trademark demonstration city.

Attending the public training were Prof. Zhang Sulin, Deputy President of USTC; Mr. Dong Rong, Director of the Anhui Provincial Intellectual Property Office; Mr. Sheng Zhigang, Vice-Chairman of the Hefei Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC); and Ms. Ding Yuanyuan, Director of the trademark office of the Hefei Bureau of Industry and Commerce. Prof. Song Wei, Dean of the School of Public Affairs, USTC, presided over the opening ceremony.

During an opening address, Prof. Zhang warmly welcomed guests and students. Referring to national development strategy needs, she said that USTC not only trains talent but also shoulders the national medium- and long-term development plan proposed to raise the scientific quality of the task. This training was a display of the School of Public Affairs educational superiority, as well as serving the provincial economic social development. Through the specialized knowledge benefit and social populace's public welfare training, the school is implementing the national independent innovation strategy for practical action. Currently, Hefei is applying for the the status of state-level trademark demonstration city. The development trademark protection and brand value aspect training has vital practical significance.

Mr. Dong expressed his pleasure in being able to attend the public training in USTC. Trademarks and brands, he said, are an important part of intellectual property. USTC has a solid foundation in intellectual property studies, is a pioneer in the establishment of an intellectual property graduate program at the university, and is one of the first universities to establish intellectual property rights of research institutions. For a series of intellectual property training activities, whether through faculty or course content, USTC prepared carefully, obtained good response, and made significant impact. Mr. Dong said he believed that through this training, the city's trademark work will enter a new stage.

Mr. Sheng congratulated USTC for hosting the open public training. In addition to other enterprises applications, he said, a city also should make trademarks and brands an important intangible property. Hefei's invisible trademarks and the brands are as the science and technology education city, the innovation experiment site city which we are proud of. Anhui Province and Hefei's development cannot leave this kind of invisible trademarks and the brands. It is a major step which serves the provincial economic development that USTC conducts this training. On behalf of the CPPCC of Hefei, Mr. Sheng thanked USTC for making a significant contribution to local economic development.

Also offering congratulations during the opening were Mr. Jia Qinghaog, General Manager of Hefei Zijin Pipe Co., Ltd, and Ms. Yuan Yuan, a doctoral candidate student of the School of Public Affairs.

The public training lasted two days. Participants of the public training were the Hefei Municipal government trademark administration staff, the Hefei well-known enterprises representatives, attorneys and community figures, teachers and students, altogether 150 people. Anhui TV, Hefei TV, Hefei Evening News, Anhui Daily, Jianghuai Morning News and a number of other news media also attended the training opening. Training courses included basic knowledge of trademark law, prestigious brand strategy, science class trademark applications, trademark exclusive rights pledge, trademark selection and branding design. This is an important activity by the school for trademark popularization for the public. Those attending highly praised the training.

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