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The Opening of USTC Graduate Summer School on Theory and Practice in the Frontiers of IPR
On the morning of July 22, the USTC Graduate Summer School on Theory and Practice in the Frontiers of IPR began. Attending the opening ceremony were Professor Tu Jing, Deputy Dean of the Graduate School of USTC; Professor Jiang Jiajie, Deputy Director of Office of the Graduate Education of USTC; Professor Luo Kuang of USTC; Ms. Ningling Wang, an Attorney with Finnegan Henderson; Mr. Zhenyu Yang, Lawyer of Finnegan Henderson; and Prof. Wyatt Olson from the United States. Fifty students from USTC and other universities participated in the opening ceremony of the summer school. Participants were also from Anhui Provincial High Court, Legislative Affairs Office of Anhui Province. The Anhui Province lawyer's association dispatched its official to attend the meeting. Professor Song Wei, Dean of the School of Public Affairs of USTC, presided over the opening ceremony. This is the first Graduate Summer School on Intellectual Property Rights held in Anhui Province.

Professor Tu expressed his congratulations for the graduate summer school, and extended a warm welcome to the students who joined it. He introduced the implementation of the innovative USTC graduate program while describing the summer schools important role in graduate education. He wished the summer school great success.
Professor Luo in his speech recalled the historical process of China's intellectual property development.Professor Luo introduced the experience of the USTC research group, which undertook the first national research projects on intellectual property and achieved outstanding results in 1986. He hoped that the summer school students pay attention to the ever-emerging new questions and cases in the domain of intellectual property rights in order to attain greater achievements in this rapidly developing new domain.

Ms. Wang praised USTC highly for holding the graduate summer school. She was glad, as one of Finnegan Henderson's partners and senior attorney, to build an exchange platform between USTC intellectual property rights postgraduate education and the American legal science and judiciary. She described Finnegan Henderson as the largest and most influential law firm focusing on intellectual property rights in the United States. The firm employs more than 370 full-time intellectual property lawyers. The practice cases of the law firm may be used as teaching resources in USTC graduate student education, especially professional-degree graduate student education. She also highlighted the newest changes to U.S. intellectual property rights law. She conducted a detailed explanation on some hot issues, such as U.S. patent application, patent litigation and licensing, and 337 surveys. She hoped that the summer school can further develop students' grasp of international affairs. The summer school lasts two weeks, during which the students will study ten curricula and participate in two practice investigations. The summer school invited many senior American attorneys, senior American visiting scholars, SIPO experts, the judge of Anhui Province intellectual property rights high court, and renowned domestic intellectual property rights professors as program professors. The curriculum's high level and international focus has drawn numerous graduate students to participate.

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