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USTC Attained Juris Master Degree Education Authorization
The State Council degree management office recently issued 'a notice of authorization some units to raise Juris Master Degree graduate student', in which increasing Juris Master Degree authorization unit in 2009 was announced. USTC and other 35 universities were authorized to develop Juris Master Degree education. This was the fourth branch of learning degree type authorized after attaining MBA, MPA and engineering master degree authorization obtains.
The acquisition of Juris Master Degree authorization has enriched our university professional degree postgraduate education system. At present, USTC has formed a top level application personnel training systems including management, law and engineering discipline.
The development of Juris Master, MBA, MPA, engineering master degree education has the important hauling significance regarding deepening the graduate student raises the mechanism reform presently, promoting the postgraduate education structure adjustment and the optimization, and guiding the master degree graduate education turn into the direction of application education.
Our university legal science teaching and research started in 1985; the technical legal science laboratory established officially in 1988 is one of the technical legal science teaching and research apparatus founded most early in nation. In the legal science discipline construction, unifying own formidable sciences and engineering background and the technical research strength the university has developed the fruitful teaching and the research work in technical and legal overlapping area.
According to our university Juris Master educational plan, school will combine formidable technical background with education research superiority formed by many years in the technical law and in the intellectual property law, and opens the top level personnel training work in these two directions, raises a group of high-level professional personnel being able to be engaged in the technical law and the intellectual property work in state agency, large-scale enterprises and institutions (specially in tech industry) and social organizations, and can work in the legislature, the administrative law enforcement organ, the procurator agency, the judicial organization, the arbitration facilities and the legal service organization for technical law and intellectual property area.

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