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The Model Base for Copyright Education in Anhui was Established in USTC
The opening ceremony for the model base for copyright education in Anhui province was grandly held in USTC in the morning of 24th, July attended by Zhang Wuyang, deputy secretary-general of people's government of Anhui province, Zhang Shuling, deputy president of USTC, Xu Facheng, deputy director of Anhui Administration of Press and Publication (AAPP) and Wu An-ning, chief of copyright management office of AAPP, Liang Liang, executive dean of Management School of USTC, Tu Jing, deputy dean of Postgraduate School of USTC, Wu Min, deputy dean of Software School of USTC, Ni Rui, director of Academic Degree Office of USTC and representatives of teaching staff and students in USTC. Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of National General Administration of Press and Publication and also deputy director of National Copyright Office sent a congratulation letter on behalf of National Copyright Office. Besides, more than ten media organizations, like Anhui branch of Xinhua News Agency, Anhui TV Station and Hefei TV Station, went to report the event.

After the ceremony, there was a meeting presided by Song Wei, dean of Continuing Education School of USTC. Deputy President of USTC Zhang Shulin said in her speech: 'with the rapid development of science and technology and the increasing pace of economic globalization, all countries in the world have attached great importance to copyright, a vital strategic resource in improving a country's core competitive ability. Copyright and its relevant industries are of great significance in raising our countrys innovative ability and constructing an innovative country. USTC has always emphasized copyright and intellectual property education and the students are cultivating good awareness of innovation and copyright protection. Our school will provide excellent educational resources for the first model base for copyright education and strive to make it a high-level training institution which is of the first rank at home and world reputation abroad.'
Xu Facheng, deputy director of AAPP said in his speech: 'copyright is indispensable part of intellectual property. And establishing the first model base is not only an important channel of carrying out the Outline for National Intellectual Property Strategy and conducting innovative education, but also an significant measure in constructing a new Anhui and training innovative talents for the province's economic, cultural and social development.

Wu Hanning, chief of Copyright Management Office, read out the official approval of the Anhui model base for copyright education, in which the CES of USCT would be in charge of teaching, training and management; Dean Song Wei of CES read out the congratulation letter by Yan Xiaohong, deputy director of the National General Administration of Press and Publication; Wu Min, deputy dean of Software Engineering School of USTC, introduced the important role of copyright management and protection in software industry development by taking vivid examples from his teaching and research practice; and Yan Chao, a postgraduate of USTC, put forward a proposal of protecting copyright and respecting innovation to all college students in Anhui province, which was well received by the meeting members. Later, all the people present joined in a signing activity named 'everyone has a duty for copyright protection'.
The establishment of the model base for copyright education is of great significance for CES of USTC in making a strategic shift, enriching high level training activities in the field of press & publication and in newly-emerging media industries, winning governmental and market resources and spreading educational influence in the society.

JM Center, USTC


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